A Salute to Stanley Hammell

By Heather Boehm; posted July 8, 2014

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I added visiting the Insulator House in Pomona NJ to things to do while visiting my new grandson. Little did I know that I was visiting a man who had built edifices to preserve the history of the nearby railroads and started and outside museum of crown jewels. I approached the residence with trepidation because I thought I had entered into a fairytale land of glass. Only and insulator collector would understand this statement. I was awestruck to say the least, I wondered how long I could stay in this place. Would time cease to exist, I had found the most mesmerizing place on Earth!!!! I walked up to the back door and knocked on the door waiting for the key master to allow me to enter into this magical realm. This is when I met, Stanley Hammell. He was injured, and I asked him if I could wander his yard and take pictures. He was so delightful, he somehow managed to pedal around on his bike as he watched me take photographs to capture this moment in time. As a newbie I was like a kid in a candy shop, I just looked and oohed and ahhed. Time did pass however, and I had promised to see my new grandson in a matter of minutes. I had to leave this enchanted place and unfortunately I never got to see Stanley again. I only wish that I could have purchased or traded for one of his magical insulators to go along with my brief meeting, because it meant so much to me for him to take the time to spend it with me that day!