Went to a Local Auction 6/29/14

By Richard Case; posted June 29, 2014

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Went to a Local Auction 6/29/14 and never thought this guy collected insulators. He was a local lineman from Com Ed who passed and the family was selling his stuff. Well this auction lasted 7 hours all day . An this was with two rings going. Some regulars auction goers mentioned they never saw so much stuff. There was every tool, antique, and several collector cars, tractors you can think of.

I bought 20 insulators and several tools and a wood chipper for your branches from trees. It was a 18 horse smaller model but heavy enough to grind up to 4" stock.

I found out after the auction that they kept all the good stuff, ambers, greens, mickey mouse's, unusual colored insulators for a tribute to there dad with a display in their home. Most of the stuff they auctioned wasn't worth over 10-20 dollars at the most but most went for a dollar with just about everything you see here. A final bid of a dollar for everything left after buyers looked through the hoard, picking through 20- 30 or so insulators. The sons thought they went too cheap as they thought the value was like $10,000 if sold online at about ten dollars each. I had to say that would be hard to even get a dollar for each.

I think there was a Franklin large porcelain brown insulator about right in the middle of the first table here. I don't know my porcelain well but that may have been one I missed. Stamped with a larger "F".

If you see something I missed let me know and I'll keep it in mind when I see another insulator.