Russian CD 589 Лив. Общ

By Edward W. Brown; posted June 15, 2014

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This is the only insulator from Russia that I know of which has (39) drip points. Embossing reads Ts V PK 1916 in Cyrillic characters, and Л.О . in Cyrillic on the rear skirt. Color is almost hemingray blue. I'm still experimenting with white LED lighting, on this one... Л.О are the initials for "Liv. Obshch" Л. О. ( Лив. Общ.),

Лив. Общ. - Livengoff partnership of glass works - pre-Soviet era.

This insulator has a very "Hemingray-ish" appearance, notably the color of the glass, the SDP, and even the embossing, all strongly resemble that used on many Hemi's.

This is an update of one of my earlier postings