Another Mickey (Not so common)

By Tim Sakcriska; posted June 14, 2014

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Nice Hemi Blue [110] index to start with. Now the embossing .....every thing is normal until you reach the "60". The variation is not listed. Under the "6" of "60" there is at least two earlier stamped sixes. Then somewhat next to and starting under the right edge of the "6" and where a half space should be there is another six clearly stamped continuing under the left edge of the "0". There are four additional faint partial sixes under the "0".

Condition: Has four pencil tip size nick chips on the lower wire groove sharp edge, one nicked drip under the "G". An open bubble on the top of one ear and on the other ear on wire groove edge is a flat flake 1/4" long by 1/8" wide. Nest to that is a wire rub the same size but no affect to display, just look at the picture in correct lighting ! Two cool in each ear. This was a Michigan picked piece found during my recent trip to Columbia City with Joe Gomez.