Repaired NN M-2260 Thomas

By Gregory Garrison; posted June 7, 2014

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I found the top of this NN Thomas M-2260 over a year ago on an old power line in Mass. I happened to be near the line again when I had been searching a separate section and decided to return to look for a whole specimen. I located a broken skirt barely visible covered under some leaves quite far from where I had found pieces of Hewletts and M2260s last year [id=391900787]. When I arrived from the long drive back home with nothing more than a broken M-2260 skirt and a few other broken pieces to show for my efforts, I thought that my unlucky day of hunting was over... Then upon closer inspection of the broken M-2260 skirt I noticed that the skirt had a break that seemed that it could possibly match the part of a mint M-2260 top I had found last year. At first I disregarded the idea, considering that I had found the skirt a fair distance from where I'd found the pile of broken M2260s of last year's hunt. If the skirt matched the top, it didn't seem likely that I would have over-looked it. I decided to see if it fit anyway... To my surprise it fit one of the tops so cleanly that the fracture was almost invisible when the two pieces were assembled. So now after a year of believing that I would have no other way of getting a complete M-2260 that I hunted myself without extensive cement removal from the other pieces, I finally have one!