Citrine-like CREB

By Chris Renaudo; posted June 1, 2014

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Here's a photo of the citrine-like CREB 145 from the recent Eagle Cap auction. This photo shows the amber coloration without showing the stress cracks. Although this piece went well above the estimate, I'm actually surprised it didn't go higher. I guess collectors were judging the stress cracks which to me aren't as important as missing glass damage. This piece is unlike any CREB I've run across in my 20 years of collecting these. The light amber swirling throughout gives the piece the orange, brown color of the citrine gemstone. With all the recent talk on ICON about color, citrine is not a listed color in the guide for this style and manufacturer. Neither is the near honey amber CREB I was fortunate enough to see and hold a couple of years ago at the Ohio show. Let's face it, there are unique pieces out there in collections that are not listed in the guide. To me, these unique jewels provide the maximum "jolly factor" as Brent would say!