"No Leak" Pin 2

By Brent Burger; posted May 28, 2014

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Showing bracket turned perpendicular to line wire. Note how offset in bracket raises assembly and only leaves about 2" of pin in crossarm.

A small number of these brackets were found along the Stampede Pass AT&T main in an area where No Leaks were also found, causing early collectors to assume they are related. I tend to believe they are not, and were designed for doubling up insulators/support on heavy downloads or long spans.

When I was first shown one of these, it was suggested that they involved some sort of transposition maneuver, with one pin higher than the other to aid in the process. But this would involve turning the bracket perpendicular to the line wire, and thusly leaving only about 2" of pin in the crossarm. With the bracket positioned parallel to the linewire, the pin sits in the arm at full depth and the knuckle of the dropped side actually hold the entire assembly in place. Mechanically speaking, I think this is the only way this unit would have been used, especially under heavy snow loads, as the Stampede Pass line was known for.

No one alive today ever saw one of these in it's original install, but perhaps paperwork exists somewhere to document the original design ideas ? Were these in anyway part of the No Leak experimental design, or were these independently used/designed for a typical crosstop CD 208 ?