"Minty" Clear WFG Co. Toll Sold!

By Michael Swanson; posted May 17, 2014

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The final heartbreaker for me to sell today is this just off-clear WFG Co. toll. It sure looks mint condition to me, but we'll call it VVNM just to be safe. This one has nice character, too, with bubbles front and back and fizzy bubbles throughout. It has a bit of a lemony-lime tint to it, but comes pretty close to becoming as clear as these insulators get. I really, really don't want to sell this piece, but Sandra is insisting that I downsize my collection. This is from my collection, just as all the other pieces I've posted today, not some extra "sales stock" items. This really hurts to do this, but my loss is your gain. The price range for these clears can vary between $50 and about $300, depending on seller and buyer. How about I be conservative and ask $125 shipped? Folks, I feel that clearish insulators from this era are greatly underrated and don't receive the appreciation they deserve. First email takes this one. Personal check or money order please. I ship via USPS priority mail. Thank you, friends. Okay, enough personal heartbreak for today. I'm done and cringe as I decide what to post up next weekend. Sigh.