Kathleen "Jill" McLaughlin

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted April 4, 2014

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This gal is responsible for the vast majority of the Vintage Photos that I post here on ICON. She is from Vernon, CT and I have known her and her parents since the mid 70s. I was the monthly insulator column editor "Insulator By Lines" for Old Bottle Magazine then and that is how I first began to know these fine folks (letter-writing;-). She was a toddler then but the value our ongoing friendship with her and her parents ever since has been nothing less than sacred.

This photo is from some years ago. She works in NYC in the Fashion District in an administrative position as well as a women's clothing model on occasion.

"Jill" has an intense interest in vintage architecture and has valuble access to some arenas/sources whereby old-time photos are somewhat restricted from public viewing. On an ongoing basis she keeps a fine lookout for images of openwire lines from decades ago. She proudly shares permitted ones with me so I can post them here on ICON. Her devotion to this project is complemented by my postings with available details (captions) take a lot of time, so look forward to more from us on a periodic basis.

I couldn't pass up sharing this pretty picture of my gal and her devotion to our hobby.

This woman and her very loving family simply do not come any better in my opinion....

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