Brandon Large Power Piece Green FM Locke CD 319 [030] SOLD

By Roger Poole; posted March 11, 2014

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Was $200 shipped. Now $160 plus actual shipping cost. Buyer pays $190 up front and will be refunded difference $30 prepaid shipping charge. Went to post office and estimates from New York to west coast was in the $30 ball park. If you live closer to New York the estimated cost will range between 15-30. All depends how far away you live. The insulator is double boxed and quite heavy. If I ship to west coast and it cost more then the $30 estimate that will be on me.

CD 319 [030]. Color is green. Very large piece. FM LOCKE VICTOR N.Y. embossed in large 3/4" letters on one side of the saucer and blotouted embossing on other side. Has two shallow flakes at the base of inner skirt on LOCKE embossed side. One is 1/2" high by 1/2" wide. The other is the size of a match head. Otherwise mint. Blue aqua Hawley pony on right not included. Only there so you could compare color.

Book says 200-250. Asking $200 shipped. Will not be deliverd priority mail. This insulator is very heavy and I already know it will cost me more then $20 to ship anywhere in the USA.

I accept Pal Pal in a non-fee mode or personal and money order checks as payment. I will combine shipping and give shipping discount other insulators I presently have listed for sale here at Icon. However, you better email me about this insulator first. Being I have a first email policy you wouldn't want this one to get away while you are shopping for more glass for your insulator fix!!