CD 145 CREB w/ scarce SN 19 TRADED

By Chris Cotnoir; posted February 24, 2014

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Here is a CD 145 CREB EIN [230] (F-Crown) 19/(Arc) W. BROOKFIELD/45 CLIFF ST/N.Y. {MLOD} SB. Note the scarce shop number 19 with no other numbers. [id=397848941] The condition is excellent with just a tiny ping to the left front crown and annealing lines at the start of the threads as the only damage I can find. [id=397848850] The base is perfect, and all four vent teats on the inner skirt are intact. [id=397848903] There are bits of white potstone floating around as well that add even more character to this old workhorse. [id=397849009] The color is a very pretty shade of blue. There has been some discussion lately about a new color designation for CREBs of "light sapphire blue," but I don't know what that is or if this one falls into that shade. I've shown it between a light blue aqua CD 126.3 CREB and a straight aqua CD 145 CREB to give a better idea. [id=397848972]

Considering the condition, character, and scarce shop number, I'm going to ask a firm $100 for this one, and that includes shipping in the USA or Canadia.

Traded for a CD 126 CREB with a snowstorm going on.