CD 152 BF w/ Snowy Slag Go-With

By Chris Cotnoir; posted February 9, 2014

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For sale is a CD 152 [070] (F-Skirt) BROOKFIELD/3 (R-Skirt) No 48 {Note backwards letter} {MLOB} RB in green aqua. This insulator is in excellent condition but for a NGM fracture that's hardly noticeable. 8^D It's a clean crack, and there is some steam in the left half. This could easily be glued back together, or perhaps used for some kind of art project (or two). Wasn't someone here doing a study of pinhole profiles? Well, here you go! Also included is a great piece of light aqua slag glass loaded with bits of firebrick giving it a "snowglobe" effect much like that seen in many insulators. I was told this came out of an old, abandoned glass factory somewhere in New Jersey. I have no further information about it . . . other than it looks cool. Any interest at $30 for the group shipped in the US? Thanks for stopping by.

Traded for a snowy CD 145 CREB and a blue/green two-tone CD 145 Hemingray with a chip.