CD 102 BROOKFIELD with Black Stringer (1) TRADED

By Chris Cotnoir; posted January 25, 2014

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Here is a unique CD 102 [020] (Dome) [Backward 17] (F-Skirt) BROOKFIELD SB in dark aqua with a squiggly black ink stringer running from the rear dome, around and down into the front skirt, behind the embossing and into the pinhole [id=395237153], and then out to a curly queue in the rear base [id=395237193]. Condition is spectacular with only a pinpoint tic on the rear dome, a wire rub on the rear skirt, and a tiny resting edge base flake as evidence of service. As can be seen from the photos, none of this matters. I'm asking $30 plus shipping for this top shelf piece.

Too much? How's $25 shipped in the US sound?