M-3890 Line Switching Array

By Shaun Telex; posted January 21, 2014

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Niagara, Lockport, and Ontario Power Co. feeder line switching and fusing array. Notice the lineman standing on the platforms on the steel latice towers, ready to open or close one of the knife switches (Probably to repair a punctured M-3890 on the branch line, who knows) You can almost make out their long wooden hot-sticks in the picture. In the rightmost side of the photograph, observe the wooden structure. Their are seven M-3890 insulators for each phase of the system; and I'd like to point out the purpose of this device. Take notice of the 3 insulators supporting a dark and thick object; that object is a primitive fuse. It's approximately 25 feet long and made of a wooden board with a groove cut in it. In the groove, a section of thin copper wire is placed inside of a rubber hose. To the right of this fuse, you can observe a knife isolation/ disconnect switch. All of these structures have platforms for the lineman to operate with wooden hotsticks. Taking all of this into consideration; and especially as a lineman, I thank God for all of the safety and technology we have available today. It's no wonder that during this period of time two out of every three lineman was killed on the job.