Train vs Truck

By Andy Smith; posted January 19, 2014

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The other day a fellow collector had sent me some photo, s of a train accident involveing a logging truck..This is one derailment i remember like yesterday, this happened in the early 80,s trucker allegely said he was blinded by the sun at a level xing(awd, s were working,) know one was killed, enginneer and 2 brakemen crawlled out of the lead unit window and escaped unscaved,,only injury occurred to the Conductor in the caboose some 70 cars back due to chain reaction of cars impacting each other..I,ts hard to believe you can pile up 3 units and 11 cars within 2 pole lengths,,didn, t stay long here, we order up a crew 2 hours later to goin plowing snow on mainline and sidings to uttilize downtime account of derailment..