The Legend Of Jack "The Hatchet" Snyder Continues

By Nick Bergkessel; posted December 18, 2013

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Sometimes being friends with another insulator collector can be rough. I was excited to return to Springfield this past November for another show, and decided to bring a piece I had recently obtained in a collection. It was an ultra-rare, super scarce, unlisted (read that as priceless) CD 155 in carnival. I showed this to several other collectors I met along the aisles and apparently everyone I spoke to was in awe, as I received countless offers for cash or trade. Then I made the mistake of showing this to Jack Snyder. Without warning, and with a flourish, he picked up his hatchet and began to chase me around the building. I'm pushing 60 and Jack surely is WAY, WAY older than that, but man, that guy can move! I attempted to use my wife as a body shield, but apparently he had seen this sorry move used before, and after a few short moments of futile struggle, I was forced to yield my prize at hatchet point. In the intervening weeks, I have made numerous attempts to contact Jack and ransom back my insulator, but apparently it had already been on death row awaiting execution at the Snyder Ranch….its fate had been sealed. Yesterday I received this photo in the mail, and clearly all hope is now gone for its return. For certain this has put a strain on the friendship, but since it's the Holiday Season, I'd like to think we can find a way to bury the hatchet, (just not in another one of my prize insulators). I know this story might offend Bill since he detests conflict between ICON members, but I propose that this is more a public service message than a slanderous personal attack. OK here goes…..Be forewarned: The Legend of Hatchet Jack is alive and well……..he is a serious dude, and he has his sights set on your collectible fakes.