California Color Guidance: POSTAL Beehives CD 145 Color Range

By Colin Jung; posted December 11, 2013

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Top Shelf (L to R): POSTAL CD 145 in off-clear, light 2-tone, green, light sage green, smokey purple, smokey SCA peach, and purple.

Bottom Shelf (L to R): POSTAL CD 145 in light smoke, light green shade, another light green shade, light 2-tone, blue aqua (strong possibility this one was made by someone else), sage green and lilac.

Postal Telegraph Company was a documented, big customer of California Glass Insulator Company. The CD 145 POSTAL beehive insulator was made in a wide range of California glass colors. Other glass insulator manufacturer(s) made insulators for Postal Telegraph with the Postal embossing, but this has not been well-studied. One possible candidate is Brookfield. The California-made POSTAL beehives have smooth domes, while the CALIFORNIA embossed beehives have a glass tit or no tit on the dome.

I am looking for Postal beehive color examples in darker smoke, aqua and blue (needs further study), smokey yellow and peach.