California Color Guidance: Seldom Seem Odd Glass Colors

By Colin Jung; posted December 8, 2013

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When you are growing your collection and knowledge, the budding California specialist will begin to discern patterns in California glass color. A simple pattern would be that if you see a purple Cal in a particular CD, there should be, at least historically, yellow and peach color counterparts. I know there should be a yellow and peach color California Santa Ana, CD 178 even though there is no listing in the Briel Price Guide because there are purple Cal Santa Anas. Would I be surprise to see a yellow or peach Santa Ana?? Yes. Is it unexpected?? No.

Some of my favorite colored Cals are the seldom seen oddball colors. They are a constant reminder to me that I will never know everything and I have a lot left to learn. They were all made in California but acquired from collectors across the country: Oregon, Washington, Ohio, North Carolina and Utah.

WARNING: Collectors must be very careful about oddball colors. There has been experimentation with California glass, as well as with most other insulators. Radiation and heat are known to change the color of California glass. The main authorities in this area, particularly in color altered Cals, are Dwayne Anthony and Dave Hall. Royal purple and delft blue are known irradiated Cal colors.

Feel free to share with me photos of your oddball color Cals. If you are not sure, send them anyways. Remember the importance of good lighting for California colors.