California Glass Color Guidance: Unembossed Insulators Attributed to CGI

By Colin Jung; posted December 1, 2013

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L to R: CD 164 No Embossing in sage green with amber swirls, CD 210 No Embossing in sage green.

Both of these insulators have been attributed to be manufactured by the California Glass Insulator Company. Both have been typically found in sage green. More than likely the CD 210 attribution as a product of California Glass Insulator Company can now be removed. The patent for the CD 210 was issued almost a year and a half after the California Glass Insulator plant closed permanently. The patent was applied for almost a year after the plant was closed by a massive flood. See

In the 2011 edition of the Price Guide, a new color was listed for the No Embossing CD 164-- aqua. I would like to obtain an example.

There is also an unlisted color for the No Embossing CD 210. It is silver/gray. It was first described in a Crown Jewels of the Wire article on collecting cable top insulators by Greg Kareofelas. There is a black and white photograph of it in the article.