California Glass Color Guidance: Blue & Aqua

By Colin Jung; posted November 29, 2013

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L to R: California CD 134's in blue and aqua. Collectors opine that this blue color seems to be unique to California glass and reminds people of a water-filled swimming pool. The green tones are obvious in the aqua example to the right. There is an intermediate color between the two examples: "blue aqua". Unfortunately, the color differences are indistinguishable in most eBay auction photography.

These two glass colors can be found in CD 102 (California embossing only for both colors. C.G.i.Co. embossing found in aqua, but not blue), 112, 133, 134, 152, 160,161 and 162.

For aqua, would love to find this glass color in the CD 102 (California embossing), CD 112[020] (more dome glass), and CD 160.

For blue, would love to find this glass color in the CD 133, 160 and 201 styles.