Thanksgiving Leftovers +, Peninger Coll. 5 SOLD, ALL GONE

By Colin Jung; posted November 26, 2013

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L to R:

CD 121 AM. TEL. & TEL. CO. crude green-tinted aqua, many cold pour lines and numerous seed bubbles MLOD. Sold at Roseville Show;

CD 134[060] AM. INSULATOR CO. light aqua, bb hit on skirt (pictured) SOLD at Roseville Show;

CD 136[010] B & O in light aqua (strong embossing) SOLD at Roseville Show;

CD 157[010] Hemingray in dark aqua. Usually a clean piece, this one has some junk in the dome and skirt SOLD at Antioch Show;

CD 205[010] Gayner in blue SOLD at Chico Show.