Colored Signals, Peninger Coll, 1 TRADED, 3 SOLD, 1 AVAIL

By Colin Jung; posted November 23, 2013

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L-R: CD 162, Hemingray/Patent May 2 1893, Root Beer Amber, one sliced drip, three drips opened up by bubbles, one peck on upper wire ridge, and two small flakes on outer skirt, two small open bubbles on inner skirt (AVAILABLE)

CD 162, H.G. CO./ Patent May 2 1893, golden amber, one small rough spot on upper wire ridge, difficult to detect skirt fracture (TRADED).

CD 162, H.G. CO./ Patent May 2 1893. lilac, mint condition ( SOLD at Roseville Show).

CD 162, H.G. CO./ Patent May 2 1893. peacock blue glower-- very stunning. Peck on dome, two microflakes on skirt (SOLD at Antioch Show)

CD 162, Hemingray - 19, 7-up green, one missing drip, small flake on inner skirt, couple of dome pecks (SOLD).