CD 151 SB Color Help.......Ongoing

By Tim Sakcriska; posted November 19, 2013

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Trying to determine the correct colors here which is presenting a problem now given both of these pieces have come from credible individuals in our hobby but years apart. The piece in the back was recently acquired from a Brandon Collection auction, represented as "light" cornflower blue. The piece in the forefront was purchased from the (Grandpa Mac) site in the 90's as a cornflower blue. Obviously one is not. I'm thinking the piece upfront maybe a Sapphire example. Please chime in. As of 11/20/13 a few have chimed in. As for color so far, the forefront 151 consensus is cornflower. The 151 in back remains open given the input so TBD. New..A Delft hue so far is in the lead..