Telegraph Stuff, Peninger, 1 TRADED, 3 SOLD-ALL GONE

By Colin Jung; posted November 18, 2013

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Telegraph insulators L to R:

Unembossed CD 731 with the circle dome in a light blue. Very clean except for uniform wear marks on the upper and lower wire ridges as if the insulator was rolling around on its side. Nice, long milk swirls visible (SOLD).

Second, W.E.MFG. CO. CD 126.4[010] in lime green, some nibbling of the upperwire ridge (SOLD);

third CD 126.4[030] in light blue, nice character: large bubble and milk swath in front, another good size bubble in rear, extruded base causes the visible lean, small base slice (SOLD);

fourth CD 126.4[010] in a dark aqua, one inch base slice and some skirt pings (TRADED).