Green CD 136 Early Style Brookfield

By Chris Renaudo; posted November 16, 2013

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I have been wanting to purchase a nice conditioned green old style Brookfield CD 136 for some time now. These are the ones in the photo that are the [010] embossing in the guide. The two I have in the photo are both specimens with heavy damage. The only nice ones of these I have seen for sale in the last 15 years have been in Ray's catalogue and at the 2006 Austin National. I'm really hoping someone else with one will be willing to part with theirs to contribute to my growing Brookfield 136 specialty collection. I've seen photos of the best 136s in the hobby, the olive green [010] and yellow olive green [050] styles which I will never own; however, I hope to acquire character pieces and other more attainable pieces. Give B&O Boy a shout!