CD 145 CREB with Fangs TRADED

By Chris Cotnoir; posted November 16, 2013

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Here is a CD 145 CREB beehive in a very pretty blue with a small amber streak in the dome by the left side of the pinhole. [id=389179508] It is close to EIN [230] (F-Crown) 8 / (Arc) W. BROOKFIELD / 45 CLIFF ST / N.Y. {MLOD} SB, but the T in "ST" is not raised or underlined. The fleabite seen on the second F in "CLIFF" is the only damage I can see. The reverse is perfect [id=389179461], and the glass looks very watery with slight fizz that shows up nicely when backlit. Two of the four inner skirt vent teats have broken off, and one of the others is slightly chipped, but take a look at how long that one and the remaining whole one are! [id=389179572]

Price Guide lists this one at $20-$30. I thinks that's a bit high, so let's go with $15 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.

Traded for a freakin' awesome amber swirled Codd bottle!