Morse Era Bureau Knobs

By Rob Lloyd; posted November 14, 2013

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Morse's 2nd insulator, (used after the 2 grooved blocks of glass with the wire sandwiched between them, devised by Cornell) was another idea of Cornell's; glass bureau knobs of the kind used on contemporary furniture. The actual bureau knob insulator, soon to come, would be patterned after the furniture knobs but with improvements more suitable to an open wire pole top insulator. The photo shows representative types of glass furniture knobs that would have been available for Morse to use in construction and upgrading of his earliest lines. The bottom right 2 bureau knobs are blown and formed. The top right 2 are pressed glass. The bottom left knob is embossed PATENT on its base. It is considerd to be a product of the Boston & Sandwich glass company with the embossing refering to Demming Jarves 1829 patent on pressing glass. There is a fragment of a Morse bureau knob laid on top of a scale drawing to show the actaul size.