Unique CD 152 HEMINGRAY No. 40 (1) TRADED

By Chris Cotnoir; posted November 7, 2013

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Here is a CD 152 EIN [040] (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY (R-Skirt) No 40 SDP in deep, rich Hemingray blue with lots of unique character. First, the sharp drip points are tipped inward such that it actually rests on the outer skirt at the right mold line. Second, it is slumped forward with the skirt being asymmetrical. Compare the left and right side photos [id=388438979] and [id=388439027]. Next, there is a snot worm in the skirt at the left mold line as well as some light lines of steam running up the right side and over the top of the pinhole. Finally, there is a small double bubble in the left front lower wire ridge. Damage consists of a base bruise that extends from the left mold line to below the No in the rear, as seen [id=388438913], and a couple of tiny pecks in the front dome and after the front embossing. This is one different Hemi hoopskirt that's a real eye-catcher on any shelf! More pics available on request.

Now $10 plus shipping, or save the postage and pick it up at the Yankee Pole Cat Insulator Club's FIRST ANNUAL "BEAT THE SNOW" Insulator, Bottle, and Tabletop Collectibles Show and Sale, in Enfield, CT on December 8th. Thanks for looking.

Traded for a CD 133.1 and 133.4.