I found it!!! Light jade green milk 162!

By Matthew Willett; posted November 2, 2013

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First off, I want to say I had so much fun meeting and talking with so many of you for the first time, my wife and I had a BLAST! She was a trooper to hang out for nearly 5 hours! Best wife ever!

My wife and I had walked around for nearly 4 hours and we were on the last row of insulators to search. I looked down on a three tiered backlit box and there it sat, I picked it up and held it to the light and at first I would have to say I was a bit confused, maybe surprised or shocked, a small yellow circle sticker bore the price, a 1 followed by a 5.... my eyes kept scanning to the right, I was looking for any 0s to follow.....none to be found! This beauty went home with me, my first signal purchase at the Springfield Show! I was very excited to show some others, Chris and Lee, they were confused as well and couldn't believe it had been passed for nearly two full days by collectors! I guess it wanted to join my collection, I gladly invited it!