Junky Insulators Wanted, etc...

By Michael Gibbons; posted October 31, 2013

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1) I am looking for junky insulators, IE glass insulators with half melted junk inside the glass, which include, but is not limited to: Sizable pieces of wire, big nail, screw, washer, bottle cap, glaziers point, spring, fish hook, jewelry and/or pendants, pennies and/or impressions (from pennies and other stuff breaking away from surface of the glass), dime sized or bigger black spots resembling a polliwog, half inch or bigger rocks, asbestos threads etc...

2) Also specifically looking for the following Two Piece Transposition:

AM. TEL. & TEL. Co. Bottom CD 190[010] in amber green

Two Piece Transposition, Bottom CD 190[020] in milky aqua

3) I collect Splices Of Various Kinds


4) I also collect Transformers Primary Bushing Covers (aka Squirrel Guards)


Thanks for your time

Happy Trails

Michael Golden, Co.