Entire collection for sale

By Aastin Bolin; posted October 29, 2013

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I've begun to lose interest in what I have and would much rather take the money and put it towards another hobby I'm afraid to say. But with that said I'm looking to sell my entire collection of insulators, not willing to separate so no need to ask. I have close to 120 old magazines and some price guides many CJOW all starting around the 70's, I have a teal gingerbread man, a CD 267.5, a hemingray CD 303/310, hemingray CD 304/310 in hemingray blue, I have 2 sections of a telephone pole great for shows, a box of about 30 commons. All in all I think its 100-150 insulators, 120 magazines, telephone pole sections and I'm wanting $500. I'm not willing to ship due to the cost of shipping it and I've had some bad experience with shipping insulators so hopefully someone local is interested I live in orange park florida. The pic shows just some of the insulators not all if someone is really interested then I can send better pics some have chips or cracks not all but some