Show off those insulators

By Bob Scafe; posted October 24, 2013

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Thanks to Howard Banks, each kid in Mrs Kanigan's grade 3 class took home 2 insulators, and I told them, if they brought back their Mom or Dad, they could have another. Each kid spent some time choosing from the table full of insulators, and from the looks on their faces, they were happy campers.

Just before they were to climb back aboard their school bus, I asked them to all hold up their insulators, and that was when they went into their "action shot" pose. It is all fine and dandy to have your picture taken, but then you have to allow them a "goofy" shot.

They are such great kids. Several asked if they can come back, and bring their Mom's and Dad's. I thought that was pretty cool, and told them they were invited anytime, but to phone first so I could be sure to be there. If success is measured in hugs, they had fun, and I got lots of hugs from the kids.