Messed up N.E.G.M.CO. CD 145.

By Barrett Nicpon; posted October 6, 2002

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Check this one out, I just got him a week ago during that hunt we went on. He's compared to a regular N.E.G.M.CO. CD 145 that isn't so pinched at the wire groove. I'm talking about the one on the left, look at the wire groove, see how it's so much narrower than the rest of the insulator, and it's much more narrow than the insulator beside it. I find these pinched N.E.G.M.CO CD 145's every once in a while, this is the best one I've ever found, VNM and the best pinch. As a matter of fact, this guy's pinhole is pinched, too, so much that you can only turn a pin into him three or four times! How many of you have seen one like this?