5 Good Colored Beehives For Sale - Sold

By Judd Moody; posted October 2, 2002

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Selling as a lot to ease shipping. Will sell individually if full lot not sold by 10/9. Contact with questions or for additional pics, or to make offer on an individual piece.

left to right:

CD 145 Star yellow-olive green, VVNM, 2 minor rubs, no pings, chips etc CD 145 CREB [100], purple, NM - 1 cooling fracture 1.25" up in skirt, can't be felt on exterior of glass, carbon strings around area, weak embossing, dome number "1", excellent dark purple for a CREB, CD 145 American, 3 date, bright blue, tons of micro-bubbles, MINT CD 145 CREB [090], light yellow-green, dome # 21, good yellow green tone - no aqua, MINT CD 145 no-name Canadian straw - definite peachy tint, MINT

Lot price = $350. (I've seen comparable purple CREBs go for $250-$300 alone) Price includes U.S. shipping (foreign extra), insurance, and contribution to Bill for hosting. Pic taken in two lighting conditions to show color.

Email with questions.