1954 Buick Skylark Convertible

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted August 20, 2013

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File photo, I do not know who owns this very rare and simply gorgeous automobile...

I've always loved old cars and have restored several. Two of them were Buicks...one a 1949 Sedan (used in "The Brinks Movie") and the other a 1952 Buick Super Convertible.

Why Buicks? They ran in the family as a kid with a lot of my fond memories of them.

But I have also have been a MoPar man since 1971 when I bought my first car...a 1968 Plymouth RoadRunner and with plenty of TLC I clocked nearly 190,000 miles on its 383 engine during my seven years of ownership with absolutely no drivetrain problems (simply a couple clutches and a replacement 4-speed floor shift).

From there I have restored the forementioned vintage Buicks.

I still love them...but with me vintage Chrysler products (MoPar) is the rule with me nowadays ;-)