020 B/B Variants

By Roger Poole; posted August 5, 2013

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Someone posted a pic recently saying he could find an B beehives with B's on both the front and rear skirts and letters or numbers at the top while doing a search. I imagine that is because any usually found are light aqua and way to common an insulator to report. Here are a couple 020 mold variants. The insulator on the left is much taller then the right. It is aqua and has a strange dig next to the B with some excess glass at its bottom portion. It has an A at top. The right insulator is a light gray shade and has an X at the top of dome. If anyone like Rick Hess or Derick Wiess wish to post more colorful 020's I'm sure that would be appreciated. I know Rick has a couple lighter greens I've sold him recently.