Around my town. two for the price of one

By James Mulvey; posted July 24, 2013

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Double the trouble. Two transformers hooked up to act as one. Several different types of spools, cabletops and signals, unusual brackets, a floater and two porcelain covered cutouts. Two service drops on this pole, one uses spools the other is cleat type porcelain insulators. [id=392526472;for a technical explanation] I also received this note " Your picture shows the typical older method of having the secondary above the transformers. ........... Ontario still has so much of it and building poles like that so recently (I think even into the 70's and 80's). Doing it this way allowed the utility to use shorter and therefore cheaper poles, but is considered a substandard way of doing it. Here, it's considered a hazard to have any secondary above the transformers (primary) although there is still some of it around on the oldest of poles.''

Ontario Hydro, or Hydro One or OPG- Ontario Power Generation, or whatever name they go by are currently nearing the end of a 10 year plan to update the entire province. There are hundreds of towns and cities that have their own utilities which will do the updates as they need to.