CD 191/190 " Yellow " California Two Piece Transposition

By Bear Spitler; posted July 21, 2013

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The NIA received it's first donated collection this year and this " Rare One of a Kind " YELLOW California Transposition was part of the collection received from Douglass H. and Kathlyn " Pinky " Selby. The NIA members Thursday night went through the collection and decided that any one piece that was above a $50 value was to be held back for a auction later down the road with this Transposition plus other pieces that you see in photo will be a part of such auction. CD's that were below the $50 mark was on Lou and Mike's table during the National this weekend. Want more information on this " One of a Kind " gem. Watch for announcements in the " Drip Points " magazine and members will know more when details come available.