M-3890 New Lexington Sold

By Mike Spadafora; posted July 18, 2013

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Buy this insulator and help me get to Springfield!!! Free delivery to the Springfield show!! This is the best condition M-3890 New Lexington known to exist. The top was found by Steve Jones, Ken Willick and Bob Berry in the early 1990's in the Mortimer substation dump near Rochester, N.Y. The top has a single half moon fracture line on the side and two small repaired chips it is otherwise mint . The top shown here remains the best that has ever been found by collectors as it is almost whole unlike all the ones that were recovered from the line and dumps in pieces and glued together in recent times The base skirt was found by Ken Willick and myself in the Lockport, N.Y. substation dump in 1998. The entire bell rim of the base is in two large parts with a 3rd small part glued in. The entire upper body of the skirt along with 2/3 of the rim is one big part . The base shown here is also interesting in that it's never been smashed and it's upper section is fully intact other then a frost crack in the very top area. These skirts are not cemented together

The centre skirt was actually used on a line but is also one of the best known also.

Because this base skirt was never cemented to a pin it was not badly cracked or damaged and is about the only really good example of what they looked like when new . I have really mixed feelings about selling this insulator because it is the most pristine example known ... But it needs go I am asking SALE $1450. I would consider other trade offers . thanks, for looking :-) additional photos can be seen starting here[id=376842097].