102 SKEB BFNY - "O" Types

By Brent Burger; posted July 5, 2013

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This group holds some clues about dating, although I have not come to any hard conclusions yet. This is one of two non-CREB 102 styles found in sca. In fact, it is easier to find in sca than any other color. The piece on the far left didn't quite get enough manganese to purple, leaving it an odd, glowing green tint. The real oddball here is the piece in that peculiar late Bushwick bright yellow-green. If we are to assume this mold saw continuous service, this one touched both the purple period AND the yellow-green period. The aqua took me years and years of hunting to find. This style is found marked with a large "O" and large "X" (about 1/2" tall) or the same in a much smaller form (about 3/16th tall) . Only in the large "O" version have I found any colors beside sca shades.