102 SKEB WBFNY - Others

By Brent Burger; posted July 5, 2013

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This group shows 5 oddball profiles of the WBFNY marked 102. The piece on left *could* possibly be one from the "Fat" profile group. It shows an identical "G" shop mark to the "Fat" unit, but this piece is distinctly more contoured, looking like it was made from a very new mold, whereas the typical "Fat" unit is more chunky from reworked molds. The lettering is shorter than all the Fat examples I have, making me lean towards calling this a different profile.

Next from left are the pointy domed dudes with the notably tapered skirt. This profile is found both correctly spelled and marked "BROOFIELD". Both examples are shown. The examples I have show no shop mark.

Next is the goofy dude with the squared dome profile. I have this style with no shop mark, reversed "1", and a reversed "2" about 1/2" tall.

Last is a real weirdo. This one has a rolled base like a Hamilton. My single example has a 1/2" tall number "3" shop mark. This seems an extremely early use of this type of molding by Brookfield. I can think of no other BF 102 with this base molding.