CD 252 Deer Shot

By Roger Poole; posted June 22, 2013

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Felt like a kid when I took this pic using my CD 252 No. 2 Cable as if it were my gun sights. That's why I'm adding it to this album. I live in a quite, grassy Catskill suberb. Not at all unusual to see deed passing by my house now and then. In fact once I was taking out the garbage and thought there was a dog by the dumpster. Don't know who was scarred more, me or the liitle fawn. Guess it was. while it ran through the chain link opened gate I noticed that dog sure has some funny looking ears. That is when I realized it wasn't a dog at all. Anyhow, he stopped running on the front lawn and allowed me a better look. Wished I had my camera then. Sad thing about this deer here is that I watched as it limped away. Must have suffered a hit and run.