"Phantoms of Doom"Sold

By Daniel Ling; posted June 12, 2013

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Here's a great pair of Americans ! Got both of these at a gratuation party over in the Buckeye on Saturday. Left is a CD 134 (060) with the backwards N and a small R on the base embossing. Has a small fisheye to dome and a no glass missing or discolored base bruise that you have to turn just right to see. Right is a 3-date CD 145 in American Blue. Has two light scuffs to dome and three flea bites to top of dome. These need cleaned. $38.00 + shipping for the pair. If you aren't happy with this pair for the money PLEASE send them back for a TOTAL refund. I sell 134 Americans like hot cakes at every show I set them on my table at so I ain't scared. First email that says' "I'll take it.'. No PayPal. Email with questions.