CD 160 BFNY, CD 160 STERLING & CD 160 STAR by Novelty

By Andrew Gibson; posted June 3, 2013

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The CD 160 STAR shown is typical of pretty much all the Novelty / Elmer Glass Co. The STAR is a larger star than on the Brookfield made unit (shown [id=374880824]), and is usually point up rather than point down. There are, however, some point down larger stars as well.

The Sterling is an obviously different profile than the STAR. I have never seen a STAR with the Sterling profile. The Hawley CD 160 is pretty much identical in profile to the Sterling. The Brookfield on the left is very similar in profile to the Star, but I think slightly different. The Star units also come in different colors than the Brookfield units.

The assumption here is that the STAR CD 160 was manufactured either by Novelty (1901 - 1904), or by Elmer Glass Company after Novelty was forced out of business by Brookfield and they were bought by Elmer Glass Co. We do not know exactly when Elmer Glass Co stopped production, but it is thought to be "around 1907". That coincides rather nicely with the 1908 date when Brookfield probably started producing the dark aqua color, and probably started making the STAR unit shown in the link above.