Altered 155

By Zaphir Shamma; posted May 25, 2013

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I purchased this from a bottle dealer at the Nashville Flea market this morning. After purchasing this, it occurred to me that maybe I had an altered insulator. I went back and asked the bottle guy if he altered or knew if this piece had been altered...he answered no, that it was genuine and it came in this color. The deal was already done, so no use in arguing the point. I had a gut feeling that I had been snookered. Later, I looked online at other known altered pieces and this sure has many of the same traits. I also posted several pics on Facebook and others shared their concerns...irradiated or cooked. Live and learn...fault was mine at the end of the day. The piece will never leave my possession, so it will no longer contaminate the hobby. If anyone wants more pics, please let me know.