11 Piece CD 162 Hemingray & H. G. Co. Collection

By Miles O-B Mclall; posted May 22, 2013

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11 Piece CD 162 Hemingray & H. G. Co. Collection

All prices include shipping and insurance in the U.S. .....for Canada add $5.00 per item.

Multiple purchase discount: 3-5 pieces 10% off, 6-9 pieces 15% off and if you would like to have them all, I will give you a 20% Discount! That would be a savings of $462.00!

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Listed Left to Right:

#1 [070] Hemingray in a Dark Glowing Olive Green! Has a thumb nail chip on the rear skirt, 4 drips with flakes and a couple other drips with blunted ends. Pinky nail bruise up from a drip under the "Y" in Hemingray and a couple of flea bites. Books at $350.00 - $400.00 Price...$200.00

#2 [070] H.G.Co. Petticoat in a Glowing Orange Amber! Nice dome glass. VNM.............2 dome pings, 8 drips with flakes, and a couple of scattered fleabites. Books at $400.00- $500.00 Take this one for $ 330.00

#3 [260] Hemingray Patented, Powder Blue, harder to find embossing. It has milk swirls and streaks mostly on the petticoat side. It has a couple of dome and crown pin pricks and a match head scuff on the crown. Five chipped drips and 3 others have a flake, one of the drips with a flake has a open bubble in the tip. Open bubble on the inner skirt. Only the second one ever listed for sale on ICON, first one was back in 2004! They just don't come available very often! $325.00

#4 [070] Hemingray, yellowish green with some amber swirls, nice straw marks on front crown and skirt! Feather flake up from base on rear skirt and small flea bite on rear crown, tiny flea bite on lower wire grove ridge all the rest is MINT! including the nice sharp drips! $230.00

#5 [070] Hemingray, VVNM...............a little base edge roughness, match head flake up from base in the back and one drip point with a tiny flake at the tip...........Hard to find a better one! Ex-Syd McNeely collection, $480.00

#6 [070] Hemingray, Icy Sage Green, fish eye on front crown, drips are one small open bubble from mint! Half a dozen pin pricks on front skirt. Ice Green, books at 175-200, Sage at 125-150..........Price $165.00

#7 [240] Hemingray patent, Root Beer Amber, VVNM+.........small rough spot on upper wire grove ridge in the front and a open fish eye in the back. Two drips on the rear skirt have factory open bubbles......so close to Mint! $111.00

#8 [070] Hemigray Olive Brown Amber VNM+................6 drips with flakes, flea bite to the upper wire grove ridge in the back, hard to see small fish eye on the crown and a pin prick to the dome. $155.00

#9 [070] Hemingray Green/ Brown/ Aqua 3 tone Amber!! Finger nail base chip, 4 chipped drips and a couple others with flakes. Pinky nail bruise on upper WGR in the rear and a couple of dome fleabites. Great color! $160.00 SOLD! Thanks!

#10 [070] Hemingray in a beautiful bright Sapphire Blue. Tough color!!! Has a little bit of milkiness to the glass and a tiny amber spot in the dome. Six drips have flakes with a small bruise up from 3 of them. A couple of crown and WGR fleabites and 2 pinky-nail chips to the inner skirt. Displays good. Books for $600.00 to $700.00............$450.00

#11 [070] Hemingray Teal VVVNM+ one tiny pin prick on the dome away from MINT! It has a small fizzy patch in the front skirt trailing around and up into the rear wire grove. Four of the drips in the rear did not fill completely at the factory. Teal Green Books at $ 400.00 to $500.00 Teal Blue $500.00 to $600.00. This one looks to be right in the middle so how about $500.00