( sold )CD 145 G.T.P. Some kind of light purple colour

By Bryan Lane; posted April 28, 2013

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Selling a light purple-ish G.T.P. beehive. Condition- Pretty good, there's a mark where the insulator scraped on some part of the mold or maybe it's some sort of flake that's a little smaller than someone's pinky-finger-nail, and a little flake on the back-lower-wire-grove-edge from where a wire was rubbing on it. If i was to guess how big that flake is, i'd say it's almost the size of a ladybug. Colour's that light purple colour you see those big Canadian beehives come in sometimes eh? I'm looking to get $20 + shipping for this one, I prefer PayPal and i can only ship to the continental United States. Thanks for looking, check out my other listings- i'll totally combine shipping stuff if there's something else you want