CD 132 and CD 133.4 Cadiz Bullets

By Jeff Waterstreet; posted April 14, 2013

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Here is a close up view of my two favorite insulators in my scaled down collection. Both are believed to be of Cadiz origin, and have the same PAT'd embossed on the base. The CD 132 has a large 2 embossed on the crown as well. I understand that the PAT'd CD 132's are quite rare, but I think this one is especially unique due to the ring bead around the base. All other CD 132 PAT'd specimens I have seen before do not have this bead. The CD 133.4 PAT'd is fairly common, but I love the color of this one, with the light aqua and amber swirls, bubbles and fizz.

I collected these myself from the CGW RR in the early 70's.

Any feedback about these two would be very welcome!