Chicago Jumbo Insulator Show 1972

By Richard Case; posted April 11, 2013

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WOW, I wish I had a few of those good power insulators now! Sold the bases decades ago.....I like to get a set of amber bases for my Hemingray No. 79. I had two mint sets here. Look at those Locke glass/ porcelain combos with the original pins and the cocheran Bells in a set of 6 and a set of TEN (10), the switch stand with the ribbons on it. Muncie in Green, Green Coolie hat, Carnival Pyrex, I still have many of these power insulators. The crossarms were custom made out of Redwood beams.

Imagine I'm only 20 years old and had super insulators...those were the days huh? Thank you Larry Veneziano for pulling the picture out of the filing cabinet and giving them to me at the Yorkville show last weekend. Just awesome.

This show was put on by Larry Veneziano and Dick Augustyn in the Fall of 1972 at the Kane County fair grounds in St Charles Illinois.

Here is another switch that was for sale at a National: [id=124930003]

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