CD 145 Brookfield beehives

By Chris Cotnoir; posted March 23, 2013

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Here are two different CD 145 Brookfield beehives with the same embossing index [020] (Dome) OX (F-Skirt) BROOKFIELD SB in what I believe is properly referred to as the postal style (not Darth Vader). 8^) Both are in excellent condition with almost no blemishes. The one on the left is Aqua with light waves of amber, a couple of pieces of firebrick in the rear dome, and great straw marks from the dome to the skirt, mostly in the front. There is a pea-size bubble near the right front base that can be seen below the L, and the base is slightly out of round [id=368652184]. The piece on the right looks to me to be the Teal Aqua color listed in the Price Guide at $15-20. It has lots of bubbles of various sizes throughout and a neat straw mark across the front crown. Both insulators have very bold embossing as well as unusually smooth surfaces as if the molds were new. The glass is clean and shiny [id=368652100]. I was asking $10 plus shipping for the one on the left; $15 plus shipping for the one on the right; and if you take both for $25, I'll cover the postage in the US. Thanks for looking.

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